“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” Isaiah 56v7

“My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” Isaiah 56v7

Watchmen Prayers

The Lord is seeking His people to return to Him, to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth, and come humbly in Repentance, as He deeply desires to REVIVE us and conform us into Christ’s Image and Likeness
Prayer Declaration over Your Life and God’s people in Australia for God’s purposes relating to Israel Inspired from Ezekiel 37:1-14 
Men, women and children of God; prayerfully hear, receive and respond to this prompting from the Word of God in Jesus name, and be blessed. 

The sovereign Lord says to you;

I will make my breath enter you, and you will come to life. As my son Jesus had victory over death and the grave, 
I will open your graves, shine my light to expose deception, and deliver you from unbelief and the captivities of the enemy.
As you turn to me, you will know and love the truth that will set you free; as you receive me, Jesus, as your Saviour and Redeemer. 
I will put my Spirit into you, you will live, you will know me, and that I am the Lord your GOD. Then you will say; “Christ is my hope. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The Lord God Almighty, the Captain of the Hosts Armies would say to His people; 

‘Submit whole heartedly to Me, resist the devil and he will flee. 
Do not let your hearts be troubled. 
Trust the LORD your God and put your faith in Me; love and worship Me, meditate upon My Word, praise God, and determine in your heart to obey Me, and to follow My ways. 
Allow me to be your Father and receive my blessing as sons. 
Thank me that I have called you. Arise, stand up on your feet, enter into your inheritance and take your position to be a physical and spiritual army for My purposes. 
I have gone before you. The mandate that I have prepared for you, my people in Australia, as part of the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit, is to reach out to my covenant land and first covenant people Israel, so that My name might be glorified through you and my nation Israel and magnified throughout the whole earth.’ 

Let us Continue to PRAY for AUSTRALIA to be Awakened to the Holy Spirit of God to turn to PURITY & HUMILITY in GOD. 
Let us press on and pray through, thanking God till the full breakthrough comes.


Declaration for Purity and Humiliation for our Nation: 

We declare that it’s time to seek God’s Purity for our nation. We as believers in Christ join together in homes, churches and places of prayer, to worship and focus on the Holiness of our God. We acknowledge our deep need for His help in order for us to follow His righteous ways. 

We recognize that the worldly culture has infiltrated our hearts and thinking, our homes, the Body of Christ and our nation. As God’s people, we humble ourselves before the Lord and seek His face and repent of; breaking covenant with God, immorality, bloodshed, lust of the eyes, pride of life, and not resisting the temptations of the evil one through entertainment and advertising. We repent of not living by God’s standards in His Word, including His definition of marriage, and of not partaking of His Holiness. 

We choose this day to turn back into covenant relationship with God, and to leave our old sinful ways behind us. We seek God’s forgiveness and pray that God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land, giving us grace to submit to follow Christ’s ways of Purity for His name’s sake, making changes in our lifestyles, through the leading and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We devote ourselves to sincerely follow His ways as Christ’s Bride, in preparation for His soon return. 

Prayer asking for God’s Mercy, Redemption and Restoration 

Heavenly Father, we recognise in your Word, your loving warnings to your people Israel, and also through Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, and the writings of the New Testament Apostles to the New Covenant believers, that there are serious consequences outlined in your Holy Scriptures for breaking covenant with you. We acknowledge our sin and pray this day, as we turn away from the world and repent of our fleshly ways, and we seek your forgiveness and desire for you Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, to purge and purify our hearts through the fire of your Holy Spirit, to bring us into a committed covenant relationship with you, to follow your ways of Purity, and to walk in the Holy Spirit as true sons and daughters of the Living God. 

We pray this day that you will illuminate the darkened thinking of our minds, and open the eyes of our hearts and understanding by the light and revelation of your Holy Spirit through your Word, that we will heed the seriousness of this hour, in the Fear of the Lord and your wisdom. 

Turn us back to be devoted to you, change our tastes, rewire our responses, and channel our passions into worshipping you alone we pray, so that we can desire to come to know you; our Holy and Pure God, and give us the grace to receive the love of your Truth that we might be saved. Open our spiritual ears that we might hear and obey your voice, before it is too late for you to turn back the flood of evil in this hour. 

We pray for your divine intervention to heal and soften our hearts, that we might love you, confess how we have fallen short of your Word, and receive your forgiveness through the power of your sinless atoning blood that you shed at Calvary, Lord Jesus. Give us the grace to forgive ourselves for our foolish ways, and others who have defiled us, so that we might enter into the blessing of your joy and peace. Father, we plead your everlasting love for us and the precious blood of your Son Christ Jesus, and the blood of your covenant with us. May the blood of Jesus be precious in your sight on our behalf; please deliver us from the iniquities of our past generations, personally, of our cities and nation. Remember us for mercy. Reveal your might, your power and your goodness in our day, for the knowledge of the glory of God to cover our city, nation and the whole earth, as the waters cover the sea. We pray this in Jesus precious name, Amen. 

Some Key Scriptures to help you discover God’s heart on the issue of Purity & His strategy for us to be restored- please explore as the Holy Spirit leads you; you can start at: Isa 59:16-21; Deut 27, 28 & 29; 2 Chr 7:13-15; Neh 1:2-7; Ps 23:3, 32, 45, 51; Ps 66:16-20; Isa 11:2-5, 9 & Is 29:11-13, 53, 57, 58, Is 59:12-21; Jer 6:16-19, Jer 10:1-11, 14, 21-24, Jer 11:1-8, Dan 9; Hos 2 & 14; Matt 5:8, 27-32, Matt 19:7-12; Mark 10:2-12; Acts 3:19; Rom ch 12 & 13; 1Cor 2; 1Cor 5:1-6, 9-13; 6:9-11 _ 2Cor 6:1; 4-8, 14-18; 7:1; 11:1-3; Eph ch 5; Gal ch 5; 2 Thes 2:10, Heb ch 12; Js ch 4; Rev 3:19-21 & ch 4 & 5 

May you discover Knowledge of the goodness, mercy and blessing of our God and see your prayers answered and Christ glorified. 


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