AUSTRALIA KNEELS – 50 DAYS MORE – 31st March – 19th May, 2024!

50 Days Invitation to Come Back to the Garden – God has asked Australia to continue to kneel before Him.

Now our Heavenly Father desires to invite Australia to sit at His Table, communing with Him in His presence and learning from Him as His Ekklesia and walking with Him in the Garden as He did with Adam and Eve.

For us to become His people of the Holy Spirit He needs Australia to stand up in His Truth and Righteousness. He is calling Australia to walk with Jesus, to learn how to follow Him as His disciples, how to share His True Gospel of the Kingdom of God, calling people to Repent so He can partner with us and bring Healings and Miracles (Mark 6:12-13), for His Harvest to come in and become His disciples.

In moving forward, if you are interested to understand the previous introduction of how our Faithful God made covenants which He kept throughout the Bible – Click HERE (for the 42 Days Journey – Part 1)

In the light of God’s Covenants we gain understanding of the consequences of our breaking covenant and situations in this present world today. We explored Thom Gardener’s book ‘Healing the Wounded Heart, Removing Obstacles to Intimacy with God’.  In these 50 days it might be helpful to look back (at the 42 Days’ Menu – Day 3 from each week) for the medicine of God’s Word to heal our wounded hearts. This helps us to understand what the blockages are to our Faith and Love relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and how to overcome them.

The Victory of Jesus’ death on the cross and His Resurrection are central to this 50 Days Journey from Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost, 31 March – 19 May ’24. We will explore another of Thom Gardener’s books; ‘The Healing Journey, an interactive Guide to Spiritual Wholeness. Here we discover the Lord’s Truth and awake to His Perspective of Life in order to replace the Lies and False Beliefs that block our faith with God’s Truth. As we grow to understand Jesus’ complete victory at the Cross, light shines into darkness and sets us free from deception. Let us prepare to stand strong in God’s Truth, Peace & Wisdom in these end days. There is so much more. Come to the Father’s Garden, spend time with Him and Be Encouraged, Restored and Loved !!

We will delight in our Father’s Presence and discover more about His Kingdom and how to apply the Victory won for us through Jesus’ death at Calvery.

Cross in a field

Jesus has defeated all the powers of darkness, and for those who believe that Jesus Christ’s precious Blood prevails today, having ratified all His promises of the New Covenant, He sets us free. For what?

  • To become true followers of Jesus as His disciples, who understand their Identity and Purpose in Him,
  • Prepared as His labourer’s for His harvest,
  • Ready to establish family Acts 2:42 prayer altars,
  • To bring people to Jesus to Go make disciples of nations.

What is the Good news Jesus wants us to Discover? Instead of the Shame of the fall of Adam and Eve, Jesus has taken us out of the captivity of the domain of darkness and the power of the law of sin and death, into His Kingdom of Light of the Beloved Son in whom there is forgiveness and remission of sin. (Col 1:13-14) So, we can ‘return back to the garden’, into first love relationship with our Heavenly father. We are no longer hopeless, rejected orphans, worthless, insecure, defiled victims or fear bound slaves. If we chose to Believe, we will receive His adoption as sons and daughters into His family and His Inheritance and see His Glory.

The Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is that our identity has been created by God and we’ve been ransomed, redeemed and purchased back from the enemy by Jesus’ precious blood.
God the Father has accepted us in the beloved. Jesus is the forerunner and anchor of our souls. He is the Rock of our Salvation on which we stand. He is our Bridegroom and soon coming King wanting to wash and purify us through His living Word and by the power of the Holy Spirit. His desire is for us to rule and reign with Him now and in the ages to come, fully loved and fully known, as we learn to be led by His Spirit. He has a place for all those who believe in Him at His wedding Banquet that He is preparing for us to be at.




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