Hilary’s Testimony

Dr Hilary Moroney – Testimoney

It was in 1981 Jesus appeared to me in an open vision when I cried out to God ‘If you’re real, will you help me?’ I was travelling with my back pack, escaping from past hurts, trying to be a hippy seeking ‘The Truth’ in all the wrong places, reading a book on The Religions of the World’. I was terrified, alone in the world on a plane between Sri Lanka & Thailand in the midst of sudden turbulence and very sick with a foot abscess and septicaemia. Jesus appeared to me in an open vision as in the Holman Hunt picture ‘The Light of the World’ with eyes of such mercy, compassion and love saying;

 I’ve Forgiven you for everything you have ever done.’ He then said very strongly but kindly, ‘I need you to open up your heart to me.

 I realised as I looked at the picture there was a dark hovel covered with brambles and rubbish with a door that had no handle. I was terrified that if I did open up the door, I’d have a heart attack from the pain. I said to the Lord ‘I don’t know how to.’

 He just said ‘Open the door a chink’ (a little bit). I’ll never forget deciding to try to do so, and suddenly I saw like a laser beam of light penetrate the darkness and pain exploded, but is was also as if a ‘Love bomb’ hit me and encompassed me. For the entire flight, Jesus took me back through massive pain and trauma memories right back to when I was a tiny baby, showing where He was, that He had never left me of abandoned me, so often He was carrying me…Isa 46:3-4…..

 It’s been a long healing journey into the Heart of the True Good Father of Light in whom there’s no shadow or turning. Along the way at C-HOPfAN in 2011, a friend led a Healing retreat using the book by Thom Gardener: ‘Healing the Wounded Heart’ that this present 42 day Journey is based on.

The God Revelations in this book changed my life. Later, the Lord drew me aside with Him to explore His plan of Redemption and Restoration that I wrote on the other side of the Board. The Board sits in the dining room at C-HOP, and over the years it has been a source of discipleship for many. A plumber coming to fix the sink asked me about it, and as I explained the blockages to our faith, he gave his heart to Jesus Christ.

Praise God.!!




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